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Food Industry

Food Industry

Food production involves many energy-intensive processes. As well as electricity, heating energy and cooling, process heat in the form of steam and hot water is essential for ensuring the maximum quality of the product and for adhering to the strict regulations for food safety. That's why Clayton offers steam solutions that are exceptionally reliable, consistently energy-efficient and that carry out automated operations.

While the food industry contains a large range of different products, it is at its heart a very particular sector, combining all aspects of food science, nutrition and related areas. No matter the product, health and sanitary constraints as well as the environment in which the industry operates are critical considerations.


Discover our most used steam solutions for the food industry.

Companies in the food industry often operate continuously, 24 hours a day. They require high performance equipment with very high operational availability. Therefore it is very important to optimise energy efficiency and to provide a service that avoids failures to provide operational availability of up to 100%.

  • Dry - High quality steam
  • Steam on demand
  • Lowest TCO


The companies within this sector can be broken down into numerous areas of activities

Meat industry

Fruits and vegetables


Oil sector

Canned goods

Frozen products

Sugar industry

Chocolate and other confectionery

Coffee, tea, other beverages

Herbs, spices, condiments

Snack Foods

Making steam is simple. Making steam with maximum efficiency is Clayton's speciality.

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