A slice of heaven at Sidoli

image Clayton
image Clayton

An award winning manufacturer of dairy ice creams, bakery products and luxury confectionary has installed a new high efficiency Steam Generator to provide essential heat for their critical cooking processes.

D. Sidoli & Sons (Shrewsbury) Ltd now operate a Clayton Steam Generator at their purpose built factory in Welshpool, Powys. The factory has undergone a major expansion over recent years to cope with ever increasing demand - and the unique design of the Clayton Steam Generator will help boost production and improve efficiency at the site.

The benefits provided by the Clayton Steam Generator are due to the forced circulation monotube coil design which is based on a simple but ingenious principle. Boiler feedwater is pumped through a helical coil heat exchanger where heat from the fuel is transferred to the feedwater. A mechanical centrifugal separator at the outlet of the coil is used to effectively separate liquid and vapour and provide high quality steam. The Clayton Steam Generator therefore contains only the amount of water needed to produce steam plus a small excess. The result is high efficiency and rapid start-up combined with fast response and small size. A feature of the design is that the blowdown requirement is low and this saves energy, water and treatment chemicals.

image Clayton

The first Clayton Steam Generator was produced over 70 years ago and represents one of the most significant developments in steam boiler technology. The design has been considerably enhanced over the years to be suitable for any steam application. A major safety advantage is that there is no possibility of a steam explosion from a Clayton Steam Generator. In addition, operation is completely automatic and the Clayton Steam Generator has a reputation for reliability and low maintenance

John Taylor at D. Sidoli said “as well as the efficiency and performance advantages which we recognised in the Clayton design, we were able to save factory space due to the small size of the complete system”.

The Clayton Steam Generator is an essential part of the production methods used at D Sidoli & Sons and helps to maintain the regular source of tempting deserts which offer a slice of heaven to an ever increasing number of dedicated customers in the UK and overseas.

D Sidoli & Sons (Shrewsbury) Ltd was founded in 1981 by the present Managing Director, Carlo Sidoli. The company origins date back to the turn of the century and were in the manufacture, by hand, of ice creams, which were sold throughout the country. By developing new recipes and by using the highest quality natural products they have been able to achieve substantial growth and now supply major foodservice retailers and wholesalers. Their extensive product range includes gourmet deserts, dairy ice creams, elegant cheesecakes, mouth-watering buns, tasty flans, and many more produced using a wide array of rich ingredients.

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