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Beverage production involves many energy-intensive processes. As well as electricity, heating energy and cooling, process heat in the form of steam and hot water is essential for ensuring the maximum quality of the products and for adhering to the strict regulations. That's why Clayton offers Steam solutions which are exceptionally reliable, consistently energy-efficient and operation automated.

This sector requires precise control and widely variable heat loads. Heat provision must be adjustable to react to sudden variations in process load. Another important aspect of the beverage manufacturing process is preventing contamination in the process and in the products. Therefore, accurate monitoring and safety control are required to assure product quality.

The beverage industry includes two categories:

  • Non-alcoholic categories: soft drinks, water bottling and canning, fruit juices bottling, canning and boxing, the coffee industry and the tea industry
  • Alcoholic categories: distilled spirits, wine and brewing

Making steam is simple. Making steam with maximum efficiency is Clayton's speciality.

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