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Who are we?

Clayton is a worldwide company with 4 manufacturing plants, as well as subsidiary companies and distributors throughout the globe. The company’s World Headquarters are located in City of Industry, California with other principle manufacturing facilities in Mexico and Europe. The EMEA Headquarters are situated in Bornem, Belgium since 1961. Other European subsidiary companies are located in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and the U.K.

Clayton steam generators established a strong reputation in the process industry. Since 1930, our designs have had everything it takes to drive industrial processes efficiently, quickly and safely. Our generators produce steam of the highest quality, while being compact to fit into any space. In addition, they work in a flexible way, without wasting time and energy. We offer standard models as well as customized models. Trust us, with a Clayton steam generator you are always safe. Want to know more about our products? Contact us! 

Corporate video

Watch our corporate video to discover how Clayton of Belgium supplies steam generators to the whole EMEA region. Learn more about the way we work from our sales and engineering department to our production process to our aftersales service.

How did the clayton story begin?

How did the clayton story begin?

In 1930, Walter Kerrick invented a totally new product: a steam cleaner. In turn, William Clayton Sr. developed the machine and founded the company. The management team, headed by Clayton with Kerrick as Chief Engineer and J.E.St. Clair as Secretary Treasurer, was responsible for the evolution of this unique machine into a line of steam cleaners that gained acceptance worldwide.

The success of our initial venture and our expertise led to innovations and additional personnel. We developed a series of industrial steam generators that employ the forced-circulation principle of steam generation. These compact units achieve significant fuel savings compared to conventional boilers.

Who are our customers?

Who are our customers?

With the technical benefits of Clayton steam systems being abundant, Clayton products are now common in all industries using process steam, as well as in other heat transfer applications. A very large number of the world’s most forward looking companies and institutions that use steam in their processes, already operate with Clayton Steam systems. Clayton customers include manufacturing companies, dairies, pharmaceutical companies, beverage companies, power stations, petrochemical companies, hospitals, shipping companies, aerospace, chemicals, textiles, automotive, electronics, food, horticultural, metal treatment, converting and many more.


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