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Yakult made with Clayton steam

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The Netherlands
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Yakult's very modern plant is located in Almere in the Netherlands. Steam is provided by 3 Clayton steam generators which are installed in 1996, 2000 and 2006.

The history of Yakult began in the last century in Japan with doctor and scientist Dr Minoro Shirota producing the first bottle of Yakult in 1935. One of the world's first probiotics. And with success because millions of people now drink Yakult products every day. Yakult uses Clayton steam for the fermentation process and for CIP cleaning. People work in a two-shift operation. Yakult made a conscious choice in terms of power of the three boilers. Together, the models E-204, E-254 and E-354 deliver max 12 tonnes/hour at 8 bar. At night, the Clayton boilers are on cold standby, so they do not use any energy at that moment. The central Clayton control panel contains software with preferential control. Based on the steam demand, it determines which steam generators will be active.

Clayton steam generators are fully modulating between 20% and 100% power. A characteristic of these steam systems is that they are very compact, despite their large steam capacity. Since its establishment in 1930, Clayton has applied the highly efficient countercurrent principle for the heat exchanger. Thus, the boiler water is contained in a long steel tube wound in the shape of a spiral. The water pipe boiler is fed by Clayton's unique diaphragm pump. After the steam exits the coil, it is dried to a top quality 99.5% saturated steam

The small water content of the boiler allows the steam generator to be started in about 5 minutes. This is also inherently the safest way to produce steam. An additional advantage is that the heat radiation of a Clayton steam generator is significantly less than that of a traditional boiler.

Clayton supplies fired steam generators and exhaust gas boilers up to 30 tonnes/hour and up to 200 bar.

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