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When three firetube boilers were replaced by the modern high technology of the Clayton Steam Generator, the reduction in running costs were found to be quite significant

Ytong - who are part of the international company of XELLA, the world’s leading manufacturer of aerated concrete and calcium-silicate bricks - previously operated three heavy fuel oil fired conventional type firetube boilers at their Burcht facility for many years. Steam is utilised at the plant to cure the well known Ytong concrete products which are used in building construction.

However, as well as the adverse environmental impact and the high running costs of the old boilers they were expensive to supervise and maintain. In addition the stability of the steam pressure was problematic during simultaneous start-up of two autoclaves. After a study of the available technology was carried out it was concluded that the Clayton Steam Generator was the best solution and two Model EG-604-1 units were selected and installed. 

The added advantage of the new boilers is that the steam pressure is now stable, even during rapidly varying loads. It is no longer necessary to allow a steam reserve to build up and the old pressure reduction station is not required since steam from the generators can be fed directly to the autoclaves at the generating pressure. 

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The graph shows how the steam generators accurately control steam pressure (and therefore the steam flow) over a wide range of operating condition and how they recover after a sudden large reduction in steam demand – without operator intervention. The figures which were produced by the Plant Manager showed the following annual savings: 

  • Energy & Water: €59,000
  • Maintenance: €26,000
  • Annual Inspection: €19,000
  • Supervision: €25,000
  • Water Monitoring: €2,000
  • Electricity: €10,000
  • Total Saving: €121,000

The new plant requires a much smaller floor area than the old boilers and can produce the maximum steam output within 5 minutes from a cold condition

The superior energy  features, minimal environmental impact, low operating costs, stable steam pressure and lower labour costs makes the Clayton Steam Generator an ideal replacement for the old equipment.

A detailed report of this successful installation, written by the customer, is available on request. Do you want to learn more about your own possible savings? 

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