Trenchless sewer renovation with Clayton

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Sewer renovation
The Netherlands
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Insituform Rioolrenovatietechnieken B.V., headquartered in Zoetermeer in the Netherlands, has specialised in trenchless renovation of sewer and pipe systems using the Insituform method since 1976. Insituform has been working with Clayton steam since 2004.

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Renovating many kilometres every year has shown that long-term structural rehabilitation of sewer and pipe systems can also be achieved in a different way than by completely excavating the sewer. Excavation is no longer a necessity. Within 2 days, a pipe, with a length of 200-300 m, can be repaired without excavation and without closing the house connections.

A polyester "stocking" is factory impregnated with a polyester or epoxy resin. This "stocking" is then inserted into the old pipe using a proven method. Using air pressure, the stocking is turned inside out and simultaneously uncoiled in the old pipe. The stocking is then heated with steam, causing a thermal reaction and curing the resin. After curing, a seamless and self-supporting new plastic pipe is created inside the old pipe. Any connections to the renovated sewer can be drilled open from inside using a robotic cutter.

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The steam comes from an oil-fired Clayton steam generator type EO-80-1. This boiler has an output of 80 Boiler Horse Power or 785 kW, good for 1,032 kg of steam per hour. Since 2004, Insituform has purchased boilers from Clayton for its plants in England, Spain, Poland, France and Germany.

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From 1,500 kW upwards, Clayton steam generators are fully modulating between about 25 and 100 % power as standard. To this end, the feedwater pump and the intake air fan can each be fitted with frequency converters. Characteristics of Clayton steam generators are their compact size and light weight. Clayton has applied the highly efficient countercurrent principle for the heat exchanger since its inception in 1930. The steam is dried after the coil to a top quality of 99.5% saturated steam. The small water content of the boiler allows the boilers to be started in about 5 minutes. Clayton supplies fired and exhaust gas boilers up to 30 tonnes/hour and up to 200 bar.

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