Publicado: Feb 17, 2023

The new Clayton E-Low NOx Steam Generator

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The Clayton Model E - LN Steam Generator is the latest upgrade of our smaller E and CSM models. This represents developments that can only be achieved after 90 years operating experience of Clayton innovative steam boilers. 

The advanced once-through, forced circulation, water tube coil is the heart of the design that gives the inherent advantages of high efficiency, complete safety, rapid start, rapid response, small size and low maintenance.

The remarkable and proven positive displacement Clayton Feedwater Pump, that has been used since the conception of the Clayton Steam Generator, ensures flow stability over varying conditions and is synchronised with burner operation. The pump on the ELN model is supplied on a separate baseplate.

The outstanding Clayton Steam Separator provides at least 99.5% dry saturated steam under all output conditions by means of centrifugal force – and has no moving parts.
The turndown range is the best available from any steam generator and is fully modulating between 20% and 100% of operation.

The Clayton E-LN Steam Generator is of the highest quality, robust construction suitable for operation in an industrial environment. 

Advantages of the Low NOx steam generator

Advantages of the Low NOx steam generator

  • High turndown
  • Low emissions
  • Low electricity consumption 
  • Low gas/fuel consumption 
  • Available for biofuels
  • Low noise 
  • Touchscreen control 
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe 
  • Precise regulation

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