For 30 years, Schooner Prints has produced world-class wall coverings thanks to Clayton Steam Generator’s on-demand, safe and consistent dry heat

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Clayton was chosen specifically because they have a history of no industrial accidents.

Schooner Prints, Inc. has been a premiere force in the wallcovering industry for over thirty years with clients in over fifty countries. When Pat and Tim Bluett started Schooner Prints back in 1990 in Largo, Florida, they knew they needed Dry Steam. After asking suppliers for advice, Clayton was recommended as the go-to for Dry Steam. They were considering steam boilers and owner Pat Bluett, said they were told, “No, you need a steam generator and Clayton are the people to talk to. Will Brozowski, Clayton Senior Account Executive said, “Schooner needed high quality dry steam to create their premium wall coverings. The Schooner process entails running numerous custom batches during a shift. The Clayton Steam Generators can go from Hot Stand By (0 psi) to Full Steam Load 3,450 lbs/hr (100 psi) in 30 seconds. This represents significant time, and fuel savings.” 

Pat went on to say, “That (consistent dry heat) is one of the reasons we’re one of the best wall covering producers in the world.”

Schooner is proudly family owned and operated. They’ve a dedicated green printing facility utilizing only the finest, non-toxic, water-based ink systems. They manufacture entire book collections and accompanying wallpaper stock printed, bound, packaged and prepared for direct global shipments. 

Clayton Innovative Steam Solutions is a key player helping Schooner Prints deliver their world class products.

Clayton Innovative Steam Solutions is a key player helping Schooner Prints deliver their world class products.

Chooner’s maintenance and operations manager, Tim Bluett said, “In essence we run dry steam through what you’d think of as a radiator producing consistent heat. We need even, consistent, dry heat to dry our webs to make our wall coverings and the Clayton Steam Generators produce good quality dry steam”

Will Brozowski added, “Schooner runs two shifts a day. When they leave at the end of the day, they shut the steam generators down. Every morning they can start cold and be ready to work in 10 minutes. A traditional boiler can take 60-90 minutes to start from cold. As I mentioned earlier, this represents significant fuel and time savings.”

Schooner chose Clayton and their steam generators because they are safe, reliable, and efficient. And specifically, because they have a history of no industrial accidents.”

Will continued “Our products are guaranteed to NEVER have a steam explosion.”

image Clayton

When Will was asked why he thought Schooner chose Clayton this time around he said, “Schooner has been using Clayton products since their inception. The Schooner folks know our products. We trained their staff and they have worked with us day in, day out for 30 years. And they know how to find us when they need us. We offer on call service, but I do not remember their having had an emergency in the 10 years I’ve been here. It’s this ease of operations and serviceability they value.”

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