Bata replaces 1981 Clayton steam generators with new ones in 2006

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Czech Republic
image Clayton

Bata Industrials has been working with Clayton steam since 1981. Founded in the Czech Republic in 1894, Bata is one of the world's largest manufacturers and sellers of footwear. The organisation employs more than 40,000 people of all nationalities in its many factories and 4,600 Bata shops. Bata Industrials is the market leader in the Benelux in the field of industrial footwear. Its head office is in Best and employs 170 people. Every year, Bata Industrials in Best develops and produces more than 700,000 pairs of safety shoes and 1,000,000 pairs of Thermo and Cool socks.

In 1981, Bata started with two gas-fired Clayton steam generators of type EG-33, each good for 480 kg/h of steam. Until mid-2006, both these boilers served trouble-free for 25 years.

image Clayton

In 2006, as production efficiency improved, the old boilers were abandoned in the old premises. At the new production site, an EG-26-1 was installed, gas-fired and good for 377 kg/h of steam. The boiler is used only during the day. At night and on weekends, the boiler is on cold standby.

The steam is used in the production of the special socks. At Bata, shoes, socks and insoles are coordinated. It is precisely in this synergy that the power of the Bata Energy System lies: it keeps you fit and energetic throughout the working day. 

From 1500 kW, Clayton steam generators are fully modulating between about 25 and 100 % power as standard. Smaller step boilers can also be modulating. In that case, the feedwater pump and the intake air fan are each equipped with frequency converters. Especially during lower loads, this ensures considerable savings.

image Clayton

A characteristic feature of Clayton steam generators is that they are so compact and lightweight. Clayton has used the highly efficient countercurrent principle for the heat exchanger since its inception in 1930. The boiler water is contained in a long steel pipe wound into a spiral shape. The water pipe boiler is fed by Clayton's unique proprietary diaphragm pump. The steam is dried after the coil to a top quality 99.5% saturated steam. The small water content of the boiler allows the boilers to be started up in about 5 minutes. An additional advantage is that the heat dissipation of a Clayton steam generator is significantly less than that of a traditional steam boiler. Clayton supplies fired and exhaust gas boilers up to 30 tons/hour and up to 200 bar.

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