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Steam boilers for industrial applications

Our Clayton industrial steam boilers are not only the most cost-efficient solutions on the market, they are also the most sustainable solutions for the future of our planet. Lower fuel consumption, reduced water discharge and cold standby are just a few elements that point out Clayton's engineering speciality.

Steam boilers for each industry

Steam boilers for each industry

A steam boiler can be considered an umbrella term for a variety of machines that produce steam. A steam boiler, also called a flame tube boiler or fire tube boiler, is a machine that produces steam by heating water. In traditional steam boilers, a huge amount of water and steel is heated to generate steam. Heating the water in the steam boiler is very time-consuming and also not inherently safe.

Unlike a traditional steam boiler, a Clayton steam generator, also known as a water tube boiler, generates the same amount of steam by heating a much smaller amount of water and steel. Clayton steam generators operate on the counterflow principle, where heat and water meet each other to produce steam. Thus, water is pumped into a heating coil at the top and high-pressure steam is released at the bottom of the coil. This is technically the most efficient way to produce steam.

Unlike a traditional steam boiler, a Clayton steam generator has the following advantages:

  • High efficiency
  • Safe
  • High quality steam
  • Fast response time
  • Start-up in 5 minutes
  • Low blowdown losses
  • Automatic operation
  • Unmanned operation
  • Limited maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Cold standby
  • Lowest TCO

Want to learn more about Clayton's innovative steam systems? View all our steam solutions here.

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