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Water tube coil steam generator design provides safe and efficient heat for renewable fuel production.

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Boiler unit needed to produce consistent steam for reliable temperature modulation, and steam on-demand.

The Silvestri family has been in the renewable energy business for 14 years. Their family-owned and operated business —SILTRI Bio Fuels Inc. — has spent the last decade and a half contributing to the global renewable energy market by aiding in the conversion of recycled vegetable oil into environmentally-friendly Biodiesel fuels. 

As Joe Silvestri, the owner of SILTRI, explained, “We bring in used cooking oil from restaurants and food manufacturing facilities, filter out the unwanted impurities and moisture, then send the refined product to Biodiesel plants in North America and overseas.” This refinement process involves multiple stages, most of which require a consistent high level of heat. Temperature plays a critical role in this operation and is key in producing a high-quality product meeting specs.

The problems

The problems

The Silvestri family knew it was important they find the right equipment to reliably provide them with the requisite heat output. For this, they looked to steam boilers. The trouble was finding the right one. Initially, Joe was looking at fire tube boilers. Yet, Joe was concerned about the large amount of water required to operate them. The large amount of operating water content in a firetube design meant a more inefficient and time-consuming way to convert water into steam. 



It was through word of mouth that Joe was first introduced to Clayton Industries steam generators. An old Clayton customer was closing their doors and was selling their used E-154 BHP steam generator Unlike traditional boilers, Clayton’s unique counterflow design and controlled circulation system technology necessitates the use of only a small amount of water at a time. For Joe, that meant the steam generator would be able to offer more rapid start-up and follow load cycles, as well as ensure the absence of explosion hazards. SILTRI purchased the used Clayton steam generator, kick-starting their business in the renewable energy industry.



For 14 years, the steam generator has been a crucial player in SILTRI’s growing business. The team runs the boiler non-stop whenever they are processing, which is most days. Even with this continuous usage, the boiler’s-controlled circulation design allows them to cut down on fuel and maintain relatively low energy costs. 

For Joe, an unexpected but crucial benefit of the Clayton steam generator has been its serviceability. As Joe shared, “the Clayton steam generator is the only piece of equipment I haven’t had to worry about.” Joe continued, “Clayton always has the parts and knows what to do. Whatever the issue is, they’ll fix it, no problem.


Although the steam generator is still going strong, Joe knew that it wouldn’t last forever. As Ron stated, “SILTRI bought the steam generator used, and with the added 14 years of operation, it was reaching the end of its useful life.

” Moreover, business was expanding, and demand was greater. It was time to upgrade their equipment. For Joe, there was no question of where to turn for their new steam generator. “Because I was 150% satisfied with our old steam generator, I called Clayton.” This time, Joe was ready to move up. With an eye to his evolving company needs, Joe was ready to invest in a steam generator with better efficiency, greater horsepower, up-to-date controls, and a full warranty. SILTRI purchased their Clayton E-254 250 BHP steam generator with the added economizer last year, and it has proven to be another worthwhile investment. 

CO2 Energy Efficient

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