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Clayton steam for oil refinery

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The Clayton Industries mobile steam plant is capable of supplying over 8½ tonnes of steam per hour in remote locations. 

The complete steam system is installed in two trailer mounted containers and is designed to run completely independently of any external services. The first trailer is the power and feedwater unit. This contains fuel and water supply tanks complete with treatment equipment. A compact electricity generator is also housed in this unit to provide the electrical supply for the essential controls, motors, cooling, heating and lighting.

Three Clayton Steam Generators are installed in the second trailer and each can deliver 1815kW of steam power. The pipework and instrumentation is designed to be readily accessible to the operator and to allow sufficient space for free movement inside the trailers. The high steam output in such a small space is due to the compact design of the Clayton Steam Generator which is also inherently safe and efficient. This is due to the principle of operation which is based on the well known Clayton forced circulation helical coil concept

Clayton mobile steam plants are the ideal solution where a steam supply is required on sites such as in desert or other remote oilfield applications, or where a portable supply is
necessary. Operating pressures of up to 60 barg are available as standard and constant operator supervision is not necessary. 

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